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The object and purpose of this club shall be the advancement of the registered beagle by promotion of and participation in field trials, and also the improvement in breeding and training to increase their usefulness. Also to protect and promote the interest of Breeders, Owners and Sportsmen in general, by supporting or opposing legislation pertaining to dog activities with the cooperation of other organized sportsmen groups. Promote good will among Beaglers and Sportsmen and such other matters that may tend to create better beagling and hunting.

About Us:

The club was organized in 1946 and held it’s first Field Trial in the Fall of 1952. The members at that time rented several different properties before buying the present grounds in Palermo New York. In 1963 the club purchased the present grounds which contain 110 acres, 108 of which are fenced with diversified habitat suitable for both Hare and Cottontail. In 1964 the club ran their first Licensed Brace Trial at the new grounds and continued to do so until 1991. With membership declining and the interest in Brace Trials dropping, the club decided to run Large Pack on Hare. On June 27th and 28th 1992 the club held their Plan A Trial to switch from Brace to Large Pack on Hare. There was a total of 97 entries for the two day event. The club still holds Licensed Large Pack on Hare Trials to date. The Onondaga Beagle Club Inc. would like to thank you, the dedicated beagler, for honoring us with your fine hounds and pleasant smiles over the last 62 and we hope to have many more years to come.

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